IDMF conference 26-28 January 2007

Four of us from St. Martin’s Chinese Congregation went to the Intentional Discipleship Making Fellowship conference at the COCM Mission Centre at Milton Keynes.

These 3 days are one of the most memorable days in my journey with the Almighty Lord.  I went with igorance of not knowing what IDMF is, with doubt on the credibility of the speaker, but these 3 days are just amazing “holiday” with God.  I call it a holiday because it is a truly enjoyable experience, but not to say it is anyway “relaxing”.   Rev. Edmund Chun enlightened me with his compassion for the Word of God and his ministry journey as well as his sound teachings, which not only drew us back to the living the bible out provoke thoughts.

My dear brothers and sisters, the talks, etc. will be uploaded shortly, but these memorable experience is not something that can be reproduced with these words or the MP3, the teaching and sharings from Rev. Edmund and others in the conference has truly revitalised me!  Thanks be to God!